New Holland Tractor Troubles :(

New Holland Tractor Troubles :(

So, we found ourselves back at the dealership because our New Holland decided to throw a bit of a tantrum. This time around, the hydraulics were acting up. It’s almost like it was put together on a Friday, if you know what I mean! We were in the midst of laying down some waterline when the tractor, used by our pal Jason, started misbehaving, leaking fluid from the top of the cylinder. Turns out, it was leaking right at the weld seam!

You might remember, this isn’t our first rodeo with the tractor’s quirks. Last time, we grappled with a pesky distribution block, and to this day, our front bucket has a mind of its own, tilting forward even when we’re just idling. But hey, that’s life on a homestead for you!

Despite these hiccups, the importance of a solid warranty can’t be overstated. We invested quite a bit into our sub-compact New Holland, the perfect fit for our 5-acre operation. And guess what? That investment is paying off. New Holland’s warranty is nothing to scoff at, and the local dealership here in the Ozarks has been fantastic – quick and reliable in getting us back on track.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Stuff happens, especially with farm equipment. The more you use it, the more you’ve got to be ready for those unexpected twists. Having a good stock of spare parts and a bit of know-how can make all the difference for a thriving homestead.

Do what you can, with what ya have, eh?