Spring is in the air! S1E3 Backroads Homesteading Podcast

Spring is in the air! S1E3 Backroads Homesteading Podcast

Backroads Homestead Podcast
Spring is in the air! S1E3 Backroads Homesteading Podcast

Hey there, Ryan here, welcoming you back to our cozy corner of the internet where farm chores meet deep dives into life’s big and small moments. As I gear up for another day on the farm, with the crisp morning air biting at my cheeks, I can’t help but share these moments with you. It’s not just about the work; it’s about the stories, the insights, and the reflections that come with every task, whether I’m tending to the fields or just rambling about the world around us.

This morning’s a brisk one, thirty-something degrees, and it’s got me bundling up as I prepare to fuel up the tractor and lawnmowers. It’s one of those necessary rituals that keep the farm ticking over. Maddie, my ever-enthusiastic companion, is right here by my side, her tail wagging excitedly as I load up the fuel jugs into the trailer. It’s these simple, shared moments that really highlight the day-to-day of farm living.

Today’s task list includes making a pilgrimage for fuel, and while it might seem mundane, there’s a bit of a twist. I find myself musing over the peculiarities of using taxed fuel for farm machinery—after all, it’s not like I’m hitting the road with them. It’s these little inefficiencies, these quirks of farm life, that often get me thinking about the bigger picture, how we navigate the often complex interplay between regulations and the realities of rural living.

So, as I set off with trailer in tow, I’m not just tackling a to-do list; I’m weaving through the thoughts and stories that each day brings. Whether it’s the joy found in companionship, the satisfaction of preparation, or the contemplation of life’s larger questions, it’s all part of the journey. Stick around, and let’s see where today’s chores—and today’s thoughts—take us.

Testing Soil and Trailer Mods

Testing Soil and Trailer Mods

This week, we started testing the soil with the university and extension. We also built some trailer sides so we can bring in more soil, mulch, and more. I put a voice changer in just for funzies.

The video kicks off with a rundown on why it’s super crucial to check out the soil for gardens and fields. Lucky for folks around here, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture offers soil testing services. The whole process gets broken down, especially the part about snagging a bunch of soil samples from different spots in a zigzag pattern to really get the full picture of the soil’s condition.

Then there’s a bit where the favorite tool for the job, the “corana soil Digger upper,” gets some spotlight. It’s a champ at scooping up and cleaning those muddy samples. While getting hands-on with the sampling, the video sheds light on the cool fact that finding earthworms is like a high-five from Mother Nature, signaling healthy soil. There’s also a real moment shared about the tiny mishap of touching the soil samples directly and having to redo that part to keep the test accurate. It’s all about the ups and downs of the learning curve.

Later on, the scene shifts to some trailer tinkering. It’s all about transforming a Caravan trailer into a versatile beast for hauling everything from compost to brush. The video walks through adding sides to the trailer, making it a real MVP for any homesteading task. It’s a great peek for anyone into DIY and making things more efficient.

So that’s the scoop on the latest video – a blend of practical tips, a dash of mishaps, and a whole lot of making things better, one step at a time.