Tomato Planting, Sourdough Baking & DIY Ceiling Project

Tomato Planting, Sourdough Baking & DIY Ceiling Project

Hey everyone, welcome back to Backroads Homesteading! Today was another vibrant day out here, filled with gardening, bread-making, and some unexpected guests from nature.

We started our day planning to plant some lovely tomato seedlings given to us by our friends Jason and Tara. With our trellis ready to support their growth, we’re excited about the bounty of tomatoes we’ll harvest this year. We’re planting them a bit further apart this time to ensure they grow upwards rather than outwards, which helps in preventing any spoilage and maintaining good airflow around each plant.

In the midst of our planting, I decided to multitask by recording an audio podcast. For those of you who love tuning into our talks, check out our podcasts on Backroads Homesteading. We’ve got a whole series available that you can download or stream during your commute or while you’re gardening!

While gardening, we tackled some bread-making as well. I tried my hand at a sourdough loaf using a starter from Terry – and let me tell you, it turned out deliciously warm and comforting. It’s these small victories in the kitchen that make homesteading so rewarding.

Our work didn’t stop at the garden and kitchen. We moved on to some DIY projects, trying to get the ceiling up in Link’s room. We’re working with natural wood and figuring out installations for low-profile can lights. It’s a learning curve, but each step teaches us something new.

Interestingly, while working we encountered some curious salamanders and a toad, reminding us that we share this space with many other creatures. It’s essential to observe and respect these little fellows, ensuring our homesteading activities don’t disrupt their habitats.

By the end of the day, we managed to install new lighting and planned out the ceiling fan installation. Tomorrow promises more tasks, with a mini-split installation and flooring on the agenda. It’s busy here, but that’s how we like it.

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The New Homesteading Podcast!

The New Homesteading Podcast!

Backroads Homestead Podcast
The New Homesteading Podcast!

Hey there, Homesteaders!

We’re excited to bring you something a bit different today. Our latest podcast episode is not just a bunch of talk; it’s a hands-on, in-the-field experience, literally! We’ve decided to take our podcast for back roads homestead out of the studio and into the great outdoors.

This episode is all about the real homesteading experience. We’re not just sitting behind microphones; we’re out here getting our hands dirty. With our new recordable microphone, we’re able to share our journey with you, all while tending to our daily chores. It’s multitasking at its finest!

Whether we’re feeding the chickens, tending to the vegetable garden, or fixing up the barn, you’re right there with us. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s unfiltered. The sounds of nature, the clucking of hens, and even the occasional moo from the pasture – it’s all part of the experience.

So, tie up those boot laces, grab your hat, and join us as we embark on our homesteading tasks. It’s a beautiful day in the backroads, and we wouldn’t want you to miss a moment of it!

Remember, every little bit of support helps us keep this podcast running. By tuning in, you’re not just a listener; you’re part of the back roads homestead family.

Until next time, keep homesteading and keep listening!