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Welcome to Backroads Homesteading. We’re thrilled you’ve found us—where backroads lead to vibrant living! Join our journey as we transform a simple homestead into a self-sufficent paradise, fueled by community, knowledge, self-reliance, and the stories we cherish and share.

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The Digital-to-Dirt Path: Embracing Homesteading in Modern Times

The Digital-to-Dirt Path: Embracing Homesteading in Modern Times

Introduction In a compelling narrative of transformation, John Overall shares his journey from being a seasoned WordPress professional to becoming a committed homesteader. This change wasn't just a career shift but a lifestyle revolution. In the latest episode of the...

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About Backroads Homesteading

Our journey into homesteading began in 2010 with the simple aspiration to cultivate our own food in a small garden. At our half-acre Wisconsin residence, we discovered the soil was less than ideal for traditional farming, leading us to explore hydroponics and aquaponics. Through these techniques, we recognized the significance of creating the right conditions for plants to flourish.

Moving to a property with more fertile soil, our horizon expanded. We ventured into retail markets, embraced freeze-drying, and delved deep into organic soil creation, biochar, hugelkultur, vermiculture, electroculture, and developed an apiary. Observing the increasing uncertainties in the world, we fortified our prepping efforts, enhanced our protection practices, and deepened our spiritual bond with God, realizing the profound importance of community.

It wasn’t just about physical preparations. We enriched our knowledge in first aid and turned to nature, immersing ourselves in natural remedies. With the metaphorical ‘Babylon’ aflame to the north, we felt a compelling call: “come out of her, my people.” Heeding this call, we relocated to the serene embrace of the Ozark Mountains. Here, in our secluded Arkansas sanctuary, we continue to foster a sense of purpose, community, and readiness that we are eager to share with the world.

Homesteading Basics

Homestead Coaching

Through our website, email newsletters, social media, and classes, we offer knowledge and tools related to homesteading. Our emphasis is on advocating for homesteading, not only as a way of life but also as a sustainable profession that can be handed down across generations.

Our goal is to provide a variety of classes, including gardening, self-sufficiency, orchard management, beekeeping, composting and soil enrichment, vineyard cultivation, mead brewing, winemaking, and much more! Many of our homesteading friends meet every month.

The excitement for homesteading is just starting to build. A lot of us have heard the call to step away from the hectic pace of everyday life and aim for as much self-sufficiency as possible. We’re committed to being a valuable resource, aiding our community in their pursuit of independence.

Let’s Go!

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Working The Land

Building fence, tree management, adding gardens, we document it all! 

Grow Anywhere

We demonstrate how to turn any space into an area for growing food. Specializing in Garage Gardens is our forte.

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Maximum Soil Health

We strive to adhere to no-till and organic gardening methods. Our aim is to educate you on soil building techniques and guide you on what to plant and where.

Our Philosophy

Planting Freedom, One Seed At A Time

The “One Seed At A Time” philosophy emphasizes that the ‘seed’ might represent an actual seed in the garden or it could symbolize the beginning of an idea about faith, preparation, community, protection, communication, or other aspects. This approach encourages taking things step by step to avoid overwhelm, recognizing that homesteading is a skill set that takes years to develop and a lifetime to perfect. However, we’re in this journey together, which means we can learn and grow as a community. In times where freedoms are increasingly challenged, and the independent, self-sufficient lifestyle becomes more difficult, this philosophy becomes even more crucial.

Building Homesteads

Our end goal is to keep building homesteads that are turn-key, most with the business income already started so folks can take over and live the dream.

Seeds sown with care, In soil, life whispers softly, Homestead dreams grow there.

Morning dew glistens, Chickens cluck in the sunrise, New day on the farm.

Rustic cabin waits, Gardens bloom, bees hum in sync, Nature’s slow embrace.

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