Protecting the Homestead: A Comprehensive Guide to Safeguarding Your Rural Paradise

Protecting the Homestead: A Comprehensive Guide to Safeguarding Your Rural Paradise

Hey there, fellow homesteaders and nature lovers! It’s Ryan here, from backroadshomesteading, and today, I’m thrilled to share a piece of our journey with you. We’ve recently released a video titled “Protecting The Homestead,” and I believe it’s one of our most vital episodes yet. It’s not just a video; it’s a chapter from our life, showcasing our relentless dedication to safeguarding our beloved homestead.

The Essence of Our Homestead Protection

In this video, I take you through the essence of our daily grind – protecting the land that’s become an integral part of our lives. These fields behind me aren’t just plots of land; they’re the heartbeat of our homestead. This journey isn’t just about planting seeds or fencing land; it’s about cultivating a future, a sustainable way of life that can be passed down through generations.

A Fence, But Not Just Any Fence

I dive deep into the world of fencing, not just as a barrier, but as a strategic investment in our future. It’s fascinating how a simple structure can hold so much significance. From solar fence energizers to electric fence holders, every tool and piece of equipment is a testament to our commitment to this land. But as you’ll see, it’s not just about keeping threats out; it’s about creating a harmonious space where every living thing thrives.

More Than Just Land Management

Our homestead is more than just a piece of land; it’s a complex ecosystem. I walk you through our thoughtful planning and resource management strategies. The way we structure our fences, considering factors like the depth perception of deer, reflects our deep understanding and respect for nature. But our stewardship doesn’t end there. It extends to managing pastures, optimizing the location of our chicken coop, and even the strategic placement and removal of trees.

Building Community and Future Prospects

One aspect of homesteading that’s incredibly close to my heart is the sense of community. In the video, I touch upon the significance of neighborly relations and how they can shape the future of a homestead. Our plans for AGR tourism and educational initiatives are all about sharing our journey and learning together as a community. This journey is not just about individual growth; it’s about growing together, learning from each other, and building a future that’s sustainable and enriching for everyone involved.

Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As the video draws to a close, I share some reflections on our homesteading journey. The history of our land, its past, present, and the potential future paths it might take, are all part of this incredible adventure. It’s a constant balance between respecting the past, nurturing the present, and planning for the future. And throughout this journey, the importance of community and adaptability shines through as the true pillars of a successful homestead.

I’m embedding the video right here for you to watch and hopefully, find inspiration and insights for your own homesteading journey.

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I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, insights, and experiences. Drop a comment below, and let’s keep the conversation going. Until next time, keep nurturing your dreams and your land!

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Items In This Video:

Different Types of Grow Lights Compared. Does it matter for seed starting?

Different Types of Grow Lights Compared. Does it matter for seed starting?

Hello, fellow green thumbs and homestead enthusiasts! It’s Ryan here from Backroads Homestead, and today, we’re diving into the enlightening world of grow lights. Yes, it’s that time of the year when we turn racks into lush, LED-powered growing stations, and I’m thrilled to share every step with you!

BBOUNDER 3FT LED Shop Light Fixture, Super Bright 3300LM, Cool Daylight White 6500K

Monios-L LED Grow Light Strips,Full Spectrum Sunlight White, 3FT T5 120W

SZHLUX LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 2ft 80W

Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Grow Light, 80W, Full Spectrum, Integrated Suspended Fixture

Sunco Lighting 4 Pack LED Grow Light, 80W, Full Spectrum, Integrated Suspended Fixture

AntLux 4FT LED Grow Lights 50W Full Spectrum Integrated 4 Foot Growing Lamp Fixtures

Bolt Dropper 11″ Black Zip Cable Ties (1000 Pack)

Metal 16 Outlet Power Strip –

So, we’re in the thick of winter, almost February, and while we might be a tad late, it’s never too late for a good start, right? We’ve unpacked our trusted LED grow lights from our last greenhouse adventure in Wisconsin, and we’re ready to roll. From the vibrant purple lights to the full-spectrum white shop lights and some fancy specialty lights, we’ve got a brilliant array for this season’s seed starting. Fun fact: Most of these gems are from Amazon, competitively priced and just a click away!

The game plan? Daisy-chain six sets together, zip-tie them to the rafters, and voilà – a canopy of light! But let’s talk about the real MVP here: the utility tech zip ties, sturdy and reliable, just like a good old Jeep (and you know I love my Jeeps). Remember, when it comes to zip ties, size does matter – 11 inches is your golden number.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. We’ve got our shop lights emitting just the right amount of warmth for our seed trays – cozy and bright. But the real stars? Our staple lights. After a minor tweak (removing the heat shield), they’re ready to nurture our seedlings with their intense glow. A word of caution though – handle them with care as they’re a tad fragile without their metal backbone.

As we wire, snip, and adjust, here’s a revelation for you: Full-spectrum is the key. Yes, those regular shop lights from your local store can work wonders, just like the fancier grow lights. My experiments over the years have shown that as long as the light is full spectrum, your plants will thrive. So, there’s a handy tip to save some bucks and still have a lush, thriving green oasis!

Stay tuned for our next episode, where we’ll dive into seed trays and the magic of sprouting life. And hey, if you love what we’re doing, show some love! Subscribe, hit that notification bell, and spread the word. YouTube might be giving us a hard time, but with your support, we’ll keep this sustainable living dream alive and thriving.

And remember, Affiliate Links support our channel at no cost to you. So, let’s grow together, one seed, one light, one thriving homestead at a time. Until next time, this is Ryan from Backroads Homesteading, signing off. Keep those green thumbs up!

Embracing Stability: Our Journey with Goldbacks

Embracing Stability: Our Journey with Goldbacks

We Now Take Gold As Payment

Our debt is increasing by $1 trillion dollars every 136 days.

Which means, your family’s share of the debt is increasing by $10,000 every 136 days.

Welcome back to our corner of tranquility and resilience, homesteaders… Today, I want to share with you an exciting development that’s not just changing the way we trade at Backroad Homestead, but also how we perceive the very foundation of our economic practices.

A New Dawn with Goldbacks
In our continuous quest to embrace self-sufficiency and independence, we’ve recently ventured into something quite remarkable – Goldbacks. These aren’t just any form of currency; they are a revolution in the way we engage with trade and value. A Goldback is a fractional gold note, with real, tangible gold embedded right within it. This isn’t a concept pulled from the annals of history; it’s a modern solution to a problem as old as trade itself – the problem of value, stability, and trust in currency.

The Constitution & The Value of Real Assets
Our journey with Goldbacks aligns beautifully with the principles laid out in Article 10 of the Constitution. It clearly states that no State shall issue anything but gold and silver as tender in payment of debts. This makes us ponder – what truly backs our conventional currency, the US dollar? In our hands, with Goldbacks, we hold not just a piece of paper but a real asset, a piece of gold that’s as valuable as it is stable.

Practicality Meets Tradition
One of the most compelling aspects of Goldbacks is their practicality. Dealing with large gold coins or bars for everyday transactions isn’t feasible. Goldbacks, however, change the game entirely. They come in denominations as small as 1/1000th of a Troy ounce, making everyday transactions not just possible but practical. Imagine trading a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs without worrying about the fluctuating value of paper currency – that’s the reality with Goldbacks.

A Growing Movement
This isn’t just a trend; it’s a movement towards a more stable and honest form of trade. Several states, including Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and potentially Texas and Arkansas, are recognizing the value and stability Goldbacks bring. They’re not just another form of currency; they are a statement, a declaration of stability and trust in an asset that has stood the test of time – gold.

Why We Believe in Goldbacks
At Backroad Homestead, we’re not just preparing for an uncertain economic future; we’re actively shaping a more stable and sustainable present. Goldbacks represent more than a currency to us; they symbolize our commitment to values, stability, and a form of trade that’s as reliable as the sunrise on our homestead.

We’re excited to be part of this journey, and we’re even more thrilled to bring you along. Whether you’re a fellow homesteader, a curious mind, or someone seeking a semblance of stability in these turbulent times, we believe Goldbacks offer a beacon of hope and a tangible solution.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, let’s embrace the stability and value that Goldbacks bring to our lives and our community.

Keep thriving,

Upgrades, Fixes, Construction, Oh My! | Ice Damage, Leaks, Overcoming Struggles, & Radio Practice.

Upgrades, Fixes, Construction, Oh My! | Ice Damage, Leaks, Overcoming Struggles, & Radio Practice.

If you’ve been following our journey, you know it’s been a whirlwind of upgrades, fixes, and construction – oh my! This week was no different, but with a little help from our friends and some homestead ingenuity, we’re turning challenges into victories.

Significant progress was made in Link’s room, with assistance from Eric and Jenny from Wisconsin who helped in installing drywall, boards, insulation, and a vapor barrier.

First off, a huge shout-out to Eric and Jeni, our dynamic duo from Wisconsin, who swooped in like superheroes to help us hang drywall, install insulation, and put up vapor barriers in Link’s room. Their help was invaluable, and we made some serious progress.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Mother Nature decided to throw a curveball our way with a hefty dose of ice and snow. Despite the picturesque view, the melting ice sheets from the roof were more villainous than charming, threatening to damage our new roof. It’s moments like these that remind us that homesteading is as much about solving unexpected puzzles as it is about enjoying the tranquility of country life.

In the spirit of resilience, we adapted quickly. Armed with a broom handle attached to a painter’s pole, we tackled the snow and ice, ensuring our roof lived to see another day. And speaking of overcoming adversity, our radio practice sessions have been a beacon of connectivity, even in the face of solar flares and atmospheric interference. Thanks to our trusty Texan PL 990, we managed to stay in touch with our homestead network, proving that a little ingenuity goes a long way.

As we continue this journey, each challenge, each leak, and each unexpected weather twist is a reminder that homesteading is about more than just the land – it’s about community, perseverance, and the joy of building something with your own two hands. So, here’s to overcoming struggles, celebrating the small victories, and cherishing the support of friends and family.

Before I sign off, remember that your support means the world to us. We post videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays and live stream on Saturdays when we can. Until next time, keep homesteading and stay positive!

Moving Forward: Exciting Updates and Plans on the Homestead!

Moving Forward: Exciting Updates and Plans on the Homestead!

Welcome back, fellow homesteaders and friends of the Backroads!

Ryan here again, and I’m thrilled to bring you the latest updates from our beloved homestead. Just this morning, I wrapped up an oil change on our trusty car, and it got me thinking about all the progress we’ve made and the exciting plans we have in store. So, I figured it’s the perfect time for a hearty update!

2024 Thoughts And Ideas

A Glimpse into Our World

Our homestead has been a hive of activity lately. We’ve reclaimed our tractor, been busy laying water lines, and let me tell you, we’ve got a lineup of videos that we can’t wait to share with you! Our schedule is getting packed, with live streams aimed for every Friday or Saturday and fresh videos every Tuesday and Thursday. We’re all about hands-on work here, and whether it’s changing oil or exploring alternative energy sources like waste oil heaters, we’re diving deep into the world of sustainable living.

A Direct Line to Our Community

We’re beyond excited to announce that our website is now live, complete with an active email list! This platform is our way of connecting directly with you, our community. Given the nature of our content, not everything is YouTube-friendly, so we’ve taken to platforms like Rumble X and our very own newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a beat. For those who choose to support our channel, we’re rolling out membership perks – from exclusive content and stickers to a heartfelt thank you letter.

Homesteading, Community, and Beyond

Our vision extends far beyond just maintaining a homestead. We’re talking about a vibrant, thriving community. We’ve got plans for primitive camping sites for those adventurous spirits and a dive into agritourism. But it’s not just about us. We’re laying down water lines, setting up fences, and planting a variety of berries and fruit trees – it’s about creating a space where self-sufficiency meets community spirit.

We’re active across social media, and we cherish the direct, uncensored line of communication that our email list and potential print newsletters offer. These platforms are our way of ensuring that our journey, our learnings, and our community’s stories are shared far and wide.

The Journey Ahead

As we gear up for the future, we’re reminded daily that homesteading is not just about the land; it’s about the people, the community, and the shared journey towards a more sustainable, fulfilling way of life. Our mission is to support local agriculture, promote self-sufficiency, and foster a space where life is lived in harmony with nature.

We’re here to share, to grow, and to support each other every step of the way. Whether it’s through our videos, our membership program, or our social media channels, we’re building more than just a homestead – we’re nurturing a community.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Your support fuels our passion and drives us to keep moving forward, one backroad at a time.

Keep homesteading, stay connected, and remember – Affiliate Links support our channel at no cost to you.

Yours in homesteading,